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The Bali Honeymoon Guide

An island province surrounded by the Indian Ocean is a peaceful and gorgeous place to spend time together. Terrific beaches, tropical landscapes and all kinds of entertainment make Bali one of the top destinations for the newlyweds: its energy, spiritualism and natural attractions combined with luxurious hotels and non-stop nightlife is a great way to relax and dive into its magic atmosphere. If you are planning your honeymoon, travel companies offer all-inclusive packages for the loveliest Bali resorts.

What does Bali offer?

Before you book the tickets and a hotel, check what places Bali has to offer for the couples:
Seminyak. This beach town is considered the center of Bali`s nightlife filled with tourists and backpackers. Although it is overcrowded with people and motorbikes, it is still budget-friendly and located in 20 minutes from the airport: choose it if partying all days long is what you like doing;
Jimbaran Bay. A half-an-hour drive from Seminyak, this city provides quiet landscapes, lots of restaurants and five-star villas. This is a great place to take surfing lessons and ride the waves with your lover;
Ubud. Located deep within the jungle and Ayung River, it reflects a reason why people love Bali that much: sacred temples, healers, art galleries, rice paddies, and infinity pools encourage your soul and offer spiritual practice.
Bali is best to visit in summer: as it is near the equator, the island is warm all year round. May, June, and July are the hot season while visiting in fall you can expect rains.

Transport and accommodation

Guides recommend booking airport pickup beforehand as there are many drivers without a license hanging around. Traveling Bali is relatively easy and cheap as the island offers taxi services and hotel drivers (however, you should expect traffic on the main roads with 3 million visitors yearly). Even pedestrians experience difficulties in overcrowded touristic places. When it comes to accommodation, the costs go higher.
Five-star hotels offer rooms from $200 to $700 per night so it's better to pick a room in one of the private villas and bungalows offered by Airbnb. You will also have to deal with merchants at the market trying to get cheaper prices. Massages vary from $10 per hour and a good authentic meal will cost you around $20-40 depending on the place.

Entertainment and adventures

Among the most recommended activities for the couples in Bali are:
Riding a motorbike or bicycle (make sure you have a driving license and travel insurance though);
Surfing (take a full day surfing lesson and ride the waves with your loved one);
Attend local markets (experience local culture and food by haggling with merchants);
Visit temples (Tanah Lot is one of the most photographed Bali temples, so meeting the picturesque dawn and sunset here will be the most romantic thing);
Relax on yoga and massage (professional aromatherapy and yoga classes will let you enjoy the moment and experience spiritual practices).
Bali is a perfect place for a perfect honeymoon. However, if you still haven't found a person to join you on this trip, check benaughty review: it observes the platform that could give you a good chance of meeting your soulmate and, who knows, maybe ending up on this beautiful island together.