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Coral Reef Conservation

ECO Internship 4 – Coral Reef Conservation

Worldwide coral reefs are in decline. Many biological, but also abiological factors have a negative impact on the marine ecosystem: global warming, ocean acidification, but also pollution, overfishing and land reclaiming projects. This ECO Internship focusses on the conservation status of the marine environment, and includes the new PADI Shark Conservation Specialty. Also, to appreciate the (still) healthy reefs in Bali, you will get to dive with a local Divemaster who can show you all the hidden secrets Bali still has to offer.

Concept schedule

Day 1 Orientation / Conservation lecture / CoralWatch / PADI Shark Conservation lecture

Day 2 PADI Shark Conservation Specialty dives

Day 3 CoralWatch dives

Day 4 CoralWatch dives

Day 5 Critter Day dives

Day 6 Fun dives

Starting dates 2013

Tuesday 05/Feb
Tuesday 12/Mar
Tuesday 16/Apr
Tuesday 21/May
Tuesday 25/Jun
Tuesday 30/Jul
Tuesday 03/Sep
Tuesday 08/Oct
Tuesday 12/Nov
Tuesday 10/Dec


The price of the Fish & Invertebrate ECO Internship is only USD 535


For each of our Bali ECO Internships, we include all the of the following:

  • Airport transfers (return land transport from your hotel to Denpasar Airport, Bali).
  • One (1) week twin-share accommodation in a local Balinese losmen.
  • Six (6) days of ECO Internship diving each week.
  • Lunch and water are included on every diving day.