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Great Barrier reef soon available in Google Earth

Tweet Mapping the ocean Will people soon be able to explore the depths of the ocean seeking out sharks, turtles, and manta rays? With a new program called the Catlin Seaview Survey, Google, in partnership with Catlin Group Limited and nonprofit organiszation Underwater Earth wants to map the Great Barrier reef. Google Earth under water Imagine … Continue reading »

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Underwater and beach cleanup

Tweet Here at Blue Season Bali we care about the environment. As part of our ECO program we conduct frequent beach and underwater cleanups. On March 8th we went out to Sanur beach; just where we daily board our own boat for trips to Nusa Penida and Padang Bai. We also do most of our … Continue reading »

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Cold damage in corals

Tweet Global warming Around the world coral reefs are facing threats brought by climate change and dramatic shifts in sea temperatures. While ocean warming has been the primary focus for scientists and ocean policy managers, cold events can also cause large-scale coral bleaching events. A new study by scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at … Continue reading »

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High CO2 levels change fish behaviour

Tweet Carbon dixoide changes fish behaviour Carbon dioxide in the ocean acts like alcohol on fish, leaving them less able to judge risks and prone to losing their senses. The intoxication adds to the threats that global warming and ocean acidification pose to marine ecosystems. Increased carbon dioxide levels Elevated carbon dioxide levels interfere with … Continue reading »

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Sea cucumbers: nature’s calcium reactor?

Tweet Sea cucumbers and calcium carbonate deposition Have you ever wondered what those weird-looking sea cucumbers actually do on the bottom of the sea? Research shows that sea cucumbers account for a remarkable half of total nighttime calcium carbonate dissolution for coral reefs. In other words, as cukes sift and process sand through its digestive system, … Continue reading »

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Tweet The cone snail The fish-eating Conus geographus cone snail is one of the most venomous cone snails in existence. Its poisonous harpoon barb (which it spears its prey with) contains upwards of 200 different toxins which make short work of its intended meal. Cone snail venom The cone snail is classified in the Conus …

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Tweet Bioluminescence Bioluminescence is a well-known phenomenom in the marine environment. Some fish and invertebrates are able to produce and emit lights for various reasons. Animals use bioluminescence for camouflage, repulsion, attraction or illumination. For example, anglerfish use a dangling and bioluminescent appendage that extends from the head of the fish that attracts small animals …

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Tweet Black smokers Below the Caribbean Sea lies the deepest hydrothermal vent yet found. At 5000 metres down, the black smoker is 800 metres deeper than its rivals. Despite that it teems with life, including microbial mats, spiny anemones and swarms of a previously unknown species of shrimp that sees using a light sensor on …

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Tweet Discover Menjangan Marine Reserve As our colleague Phil was on holiday for a week, he needed to be replaced in our small dive center in the Menjangan in West Bali National Park.  This was an excellent chance to do some worldclass diving, but also to assess the current environmental situation in the marine park. …

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Tweet In the past year there has been a lot of attention drawn to the growing issues related to shark overfishing and finning. Despite all the actions, petitions and fund-raising activities, the growing issues surrounding sharks being in peril is ever more present in our daily lives including here on the island of the gods, …

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